Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry Facilities and Equipments

• Cell line, tissue/primary cell and gene transfer cell culture facilities

• Fluorescent Microscopes, Upright, Olympus and Zeiss

• Transfection System, Lonza 4D Nucleofector Core and X Unit

• Transfection System, Invitrogen Neon

• Real Time PCR, Roche Light Cycler 480 II

• Real Time PCR, Thermo Scientific Piko

• Real Time PCR, Applied Biosystem QuantStudio 7 Flex

• 3D Digital PCR, Applied Biosystem QuantStudio 3D

• PCR System Thermal Cycler Applied Biosystem Proflex

• Thermal Cycler BioRad T100 model

• Chemiluminescence and IR Protein Imaging Device, LiCor Odysses FC Infrared (IR)

• Protein Transfer System, BioRad Trans Blot Turbo

• Vertical Gel Documentation System, BioRad Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell-Trans Blot Cell

• Protean IEF-Stainer- Dodeca 1D Electrophoresis

• Protein Imaging System, BioRad ChemiDoc MP

• Gel and Fluorescent Protein Imaging Device, BioRad XR+

• Horizontal Gel Documentation System, BioRad SubGel GT

• Cell Analyzer, Merck Millipore Muse

• Microplate Reader, Biotek H1 Synergy MFD

• Microplate Washer, Biotek

• Promega GloMax® Multi+Detection System/Reader

• Spectrophotometer, Nanodrop Thermo Scientific ND 2000C

• Spectrophotometer, GE Healthcare 2100 pro

• Analyte Meter, Merck Millipore Magpix Multiplex

• Sonicator, Diagenode Bioruptor

• Sonicator, Sonica Q700-220

Metabolic and drug research

• Seahorse XF metabolic measurement device

• Cell Viability Analyzer, Roche- RTCA SP- Xcelligence

• Cell Invasion Analyzer, Roche-RTCA DP – Xcelligence

• Automated Cell Imaging and Measurement System, Biotek Cytation 5*

• Automatic Multipipetting Device, Biotek Multiflo FL

• Automated Incubator, Biotek BioSpa 8

Omics laboratories

• DNA Methylation Sequencing, QIAGEN Q96 ID

• Single Cell Sequencing Device, 10X Genomics Chromium

• Next Generation Sequencing Device, Illumina MiSeq

• DNA Fragment Analyzer, Advanced Analytical Fragment Analysis

• Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap LC-MS/MS mass spectrometry

• Thermo Scientific Dionex Ultimate 3000 NCS-3500RS nano liquid chromatography

• Thermo Scientific Easy Nano LC 1200 liquid chromatography

• Nanoparticle Size and Concentration Meter, Nanosight NS300

Tissue analysis

• Cryostat Device, Leica CM1950 UV

• Ultramicrotome, Leica-EM UC7RT

• Microtome, Leica EM KRM3

• Pathology Departments Facilities

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

• Flow Cytometry, BD FACS Aria TM III-4L

• Flow Cytometry, BD Accuri C6


• Flow Cytometry, Beckman Coulter Cytoflex

• Flow Cytometry, Merck Millipore Muse Cell Analyzer

Molecular Hematophysiology Studies

• Cell Analyzer, LORCA Mechatronics Laser-assisted optical rotational

• Cell Passage Analyzer, ABX

• Aggregometer Photometric erythrocyte and Capillary (cone-plaque) (plaque plate) (Myrenne)

• Viscometer Brookfield Cone-plate rotational and Rheolog Scanning Capillary

• Hemogram Hematology Analyzer ABX

• Data logging system Dataq with 16 channel computer and National Instruments 8 channel computerized

• Current indicator

• Micro current meter

• Isolated Blood Vessel Perfusion System

Cellular and Molecular Imaging Laboratory

• Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) (Hitachi HT7800)

• Multiphoton Microscope System (Leica DMi6/ TCS SP8-MP)

• Superresolution Confocal Microscope System (Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X)

• Confocal Microscope System with Digital Light Plane and Incubator (Leica DMi8/TCS SP8/DLS)

• Incubator Confocal Microscope System (Leica DMi8/TCS SP8)

• Laser Microdissection Microscope (Leica DM 3000/LMD7)

• Fluorescent Microscope and Live Cell Imaging System (Leica DMi8)

• Fluorescent Microscope and Live Cell Imaging System (Zeiss Axio Observer Z1)

• Fluorescent Microscope (Zeiss Axio Imager M1)

• Bright Field Research Microscope (Zeiss Axio Lab A1)

• Manipulators, Narishige MMO-4/MM94

• Microinjectors, Narishige IM-11-2

• Microscope, Zeiss Axiovert

• Piezo Manipulator Primetech

Animal facilities

Mice and rat facilities:

• 16 transgenic mouse lines, 3 transgenic rat lines, 2 immunosuppressed mouse lines, 6 wild mouse lines and 4 wild rat lines

• Tecniplast Smart Flow IVC/SPF cage systems

• PhenoMaster CaloSystem DFBW Act.XYZ metabolic cage systems

• Intensive care cabins

• IVIS imaging device

• Xstrahl brand CIX2 model irradiator device

• Hypoxia device

• RWD brand gas anesthesia devices

• Kent Scientific brand PhysioSuites to be used in surgical suites

• non invasive CODA sphygmomanometer

• Leica S6 F12 I model surgical microscope

Zebrafish facilities

• Tecniplast Zebtec Stand Alone zebrafish aquarium systems

• Leica M205 FA stereo microscope and camera/imaging system

• Leica DLS sample preparation microscope

• WPI Manual Micromanipulation / Microinjection system

• WPI 4-step Micropipette Puller

• Memmert IN55 incubator

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